District Teams

Sports Teams

A number of district sports teams exist for each of the age groups.

10 – 12 years

Australian Rules
Hockey Girls and Boys
Basketball Boys
Basketball Girls
Netball 11yrs
Netball 12yrs
Football Boys
Football Girls
Touch Boys
Touch Girls
Tennis Girls
Tennis Boys
Rugby Union

13 – 19 years

Volleyball 19yr Girls
Volleyball 19yr Boys
Touch 18yr Girls
Touch 18yr Boys
Touch 15yr Girls
Touch 15yr Boys
Volleyball 15yr Girls
Volleyball 15yr Boys
Netball 15yr
Netball 19yr
Basketball 18yr Girls
Basketball 18yr Boys
Rugby Union 18yr
Football 19yr Girls
Football 19yr Boys
Basketball 15yr Girls
Basketball 15yr Boys
Rugby Union 15yr
Football 15yr Girls
Football 15yr Boys