Trial Information 10 – 12 years

Independent District


  1. All nominations need to be in by the nomination close date (no late exceptions)
  2. See your Head of Sport/Sport Admin for instructions on how to register
  3. Attendance at a District trial is mandatory for selection in the District team unless a Prior Exemption has been received. (Criteria apply)
  4. If you are suddenly taken ill on the day of the trial you will need to contact your Head Of Sport or School Admin Office PRIOR to the start of the trial to commence the Exemption Process. Selection will not otherwise we considered.
Sport Age  Nom Close Date Date Venue Time
Aust Football 10-12 yrs B Completed
Aust Football 10-12 yrs G Completed
Basketball 10-12 yrs B Completed
Basketball 10-12 yrs G Completed
Cricket 10-12 yrs B 27-Jul-20 3rd & 6th Aug – 20 SCGS 4.00pm-5.30pm
Cricket 10-12 yrs G DIRECT TO REGION
Football 10-12 yrs B Completed
Football 10-12 yrs G Completed
Golf 10-18 yrs* Completed
Hockey 10-12 yrs B Completed
Hockey 10-12 yrs G Completed
Netball 10-11 yrs G Completed
Netball 12 yrs G Completed
Rugby League 10-11 yrs B Completed
Rugby League 11-12 yrs G Cancelled
Rugby League 12 yrs B Completed
Rugby Union 11-12 yrs B Cancelled
Softball 10-12 yrs B Completed
Softball 10-12 yrs G Completed
Squash 10-19 yrs DIRECT TO REGION
Tennis 10-12 yrs B Cancelled
Tennis 10-12 yrs G Cancelled
Touch 10-12 yrs B Cancelled
Touch 10-12 yrs G Cancelled
Triathlon / Aquathlon 11-12 yrs DIRECT TO REGION